The range of services at Centrepoint Pharmacy is surely impressive!  From Warfarin/INR testing, cholesterol testing, weght-loss programs, orthomolecular practitioners, blister packs, to walk-in clinic access...the list goes on and on!

Our patients benefit from having our pharmacy team check their profiles alongside these services to achieve a full circle of care - integrating their medication regimen to safely coincide with the other programs they wish to be a part of.  For example, our orthomolecular practitioner will work closely with us to ensure the natural medicines she prescribes do not interact with the prescription medications prescribed by the physician.  At Centrepoint Pharmacy, we want to ensure our patients are helped from A to Z!  So we invite you to take a look at our services menu and see what's right for you!  Call us at 519-339-0909 with any questions.