Prescrtiption / Consultation Services

Go to the Pharmacy Where Everybody Knows Your Name!


The staff at Centrepoint Pharmacy always has one goal in mind, to provide the highest quality of service at competitive pricing, but with short wait times. Patients always comment on how fast we are without sacrificing the quality of our service. Come try us out, fill a prescription and see how amazed you will be with the process from drop-off to pick-up!

Centrepoint Pharmacy is proud to have some of the most qualified and knowledgable staff on board. Lamar & Jessica Hanna, along with contracted nationally-renowned pharmacist Karen Riley, hold the prestigious doctor of pharmacy degree. This extra education allows for a more clinical style of pharmacy, including lab testing, vaccinations and expert consultation services. Lamar and Jessica have also hired extremely qualified staff to further enhance your experience. We have a certified pharmacy technician that practices under the province’s regulation body, and thus is able to do advanced duties that most pharmacy assistants cannot do. This results in MORE time for the pharmacist to SPEND WITH YOU. The pharmacist is not tied up as much as you have come to expect from other experiences, thus you will be presently surprised at just how much time they can dedicate to you and your family on a personal level.

Call and make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable pharmacists for a FREE medication consultation. Listed here are just some of the benefits you may experience during one of these consultations:

  1. Learn about all of your medications, what they are for and what to expect from them.
  2. Discover any mistakes you were making unknowingly while taking your medications (i.e. Taking a certain medication with food that should be on an empty stomach).
  3. The pharmacist can discover cost savings by eliminating duplicate therapies or consulting your physician to prescribe a combination pill that will eliminate double fees.
  4. Discover ways to get the most out of your medications (i.e. learn how to boost the healing powers of certain medications through specific foods or supplements).
  5. Learn about ways to improve your health BEYOND your medication (i.e. diabetic consultations can include blood glucose meter education as well as diet education).
  6. Discover something missing in your regimen that is detrimental to your health outcomes (i.e. many times our pharmacists discover that a patient should have been on a certain medication due to their condition, and will consult the physician on your behalf.)
  7. Always leave the consultation with a copy of our discussion and am updated list of medications with their directions and notes to remember.