How can I become a patient at Centrepoint pharmacy?

Becoming a patient is extremely easy! Just call our pharmacy at 519-339-0909 and give us your name, phone number and birth date as well as the pharmacy you are currently at (or if you have recently moved, give us the name of the pharmacy you were using in another city) and we can take care of the rest within minutes! You can also click here to send us the request via our website. We will call you once received and complete!
If you do not have a home pharmacy that you use, you can simply bring us your prescription and we can create a profile for you so you can always use our services!

Is there a walk-in clinic available at your pharmacy?

Yes! We have a spacious multiple exam room walk-in clinic right next door where you can quickly see a doctor much faster than in the Emergency Room! You may also choose to fill your prescription with us to save even more time as our staff is trained to quickly and efficiently get your prescription finished in a flash! It’s a one-stop shop that will have you home in no time! services!

Is there an age restriction at the walk-in clinic?

No - This walk-in clinic sees ALL AGES including young children and babies! The only exception is a very young newborn – all newborns who are feverish or ill should always be seen in the Emergency Room or by their personal pediatrician.

When is the walk-in clinic open?

The clinic is open during weekdays, Monday to Friday alongside the pharmacy.
Hours include:
Mon 9-6pm
Tue 9-6pm
Wed 9-6pm
Thur 9-6pm
Fri 9-6pm

Sat 9-2pm

All clinic hours are subject to change based on holidays and physician vacation periods.
Click here for clinic information

Do I have to fill the walk-in clinic prescriptions at your pharmacy?

No. It is ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE of where you go with your prescription. We respect your choice as a pharmacy and you should never be told you have to fill a prescription somewhere (unless in rare cases such as narcotic contract). With that said, every prescription filled at our pharmacy helps to support the up-keep, maintenance and overall existence of the walk-in clinic that is so needed in this town. Also, we promise to fill the prescription fast, efficiently and accurately – allowing you to take advantage of our unique “one stop health experience” and be home in no time. We promise that if you do choose us, you will NOT be disappointed!

Does your pharmacy waive copays to save the customer money?

Yes. Our pharmacy waives $2.00 off of every Ontario Drug Benefit prescription (ODB) including the senior plan, ODSP, Disability, Ontario Works, Trillium, CCAC…etc. This means if you currently pay $2.00 for each prescription, you will pay $0 with us. If you currently pay $6.11 for your prescription, you will pay $4.11 with us.
We also COMPLETELY WAIVE co-pays for our blister packaging patients (meaning NO MORE $4.11 per medication) as we wish to promote good medication habits and find that these patients have the best outcomes and make the least medication errors! Visit our blister-packaging page for more details

Some restrictions apply, see pharmacy for details*

Do you give injections besides the flu shot?

Yes. We have special medical directives from doctors all over Sarnia allowing us to perform injections beyond the flu shot (ex. Shingles vaccine and travel vaccines). This can save you time by getting the injection right after you pick up the prescription, as opposed to going back to the doctor and waiting. See our injection section of the website for more details

Does your pharmacy do housecalls?

Yes. We truly believe in the value of having a pharmacist in the home to help with medication management. If you or a loved one is home-bound or has trouble getting to the pharmacy, call our pharmacy today at 519-339-0909 and a qualified pharmacist will visit your home to go over all of your medication related needs! We will help organize your medications (including a medication cabinet clean-out if needed), identify some changes that need to be made to help you on the road to recovery, perform health checks such as blood glucose and blood pressure – and most importantly, we will lend a smile and a shoulder to lean on!

Do your pharmacists have extra certifications some others do not?

Yes. Jessica Hanna, Lamar Hanna and Karen Riley all have their Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, which is a prestigious degree emphasizing in patient and clinical care. This degree involves extra training that prepares them to deal with clinical situations beyond community dispensing of medications.

Karen Riley is a Certified Diabetic Educator. Karen also does warfarin/Coumadin blood testing, cholesterol testing and Diabetic A1c testing, as well as immunizations beyond the flu shot. Karen has been nationally renowned and the recipient of several pharmacy awards due to her commitment to the profession. Be a part of our family and take advantage of some of her amazing services!

Our pharmacy team is always staying ahead when it comes to certifying themselves for the best possible care to our patients!

Does your pharmacy do more than just prescriptions?

Yes! We do much more than fill your prescription! We do warfarin/Coumadin testing, cholesterol testing, Diabetic A1c testing, Injections (beyond the flu), blister packaging, a weight-loss program and MUCH MORE! Please visit our “Services” tab in the navigation bar to learn about all that we offer!