Pam Leatherdale-Smith

Pam Leatherdale-Smith, BScPhm,

Jessica and Lamar wanted to bring on a team member that could help them bring their clinical services to whole a new level.  They were so excited to bring on Pam, who not only has extra certifications to carry out several different clinical programs, but also has a history of owning and operating her own store, making her a customer service expert!  Pam has completed her BScPhm from Wayne State University and has 18 years experience in the field.   She has been responsible for perfecting programs at Centrepoint Pharmacy such as Warfarin/Coumadin INR testing, in-store cholesterol testing, immunizations and so much more.  Her pharmaceutical knowledge is beyond impressive and she is a major asset to our pharmacy.  Centrepoint patients are definitely blessed to take advantage of one of the most friendly, compassionate and experienced pharmacists in the Sarnia area.

Pam currently runs our anticoagulation program as well as offers immunizations to our patients.  Pam has been successful at managing our warfarin patients by collaborating with their physicians, obtaining their INR in-store with just a prick of the finger and dosing their warfarin accordingly.  Patients love working with Pam on their medication profile as she is not only extremely knowledgable, but also an amazing listener who is kind and compassionate to all in her care.

Aside from anticoagulation, Pam is at the front-lines of the pharmacy action by filling patient prescriptions, checking them for completeness as well as drug interactions and consulting patients on all of their medication regimens.  Many patients schedule Meds-check consultation appointments with Pam in order to take advantage of her experience successfully  managing patient medication profiles.  Call us today at 519-339-0909 and see how Pam can help you with any of your pharmaceutical needs!