The Team

Support Team

Holly L. – Registered Pharmacy Technician: Holly graduated from the Lambton College Technician Program and has completed all requirements with honours in order to gain the title as “Certified Pharmacy Technician” with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. This title has additional certifications, which legally allows her to take on extra technical roles within the pharmacy. This results in the pharmacist having more free time to talk to patients and take extra time on important clinical issues like drug interactions or safe over the counter medication selection. Holly specializes in blister packaging medications for our patients and is excellent at analyzing hospital discharges with the pharmacist to ensure patients go home with the right medications after long hospital stays. Her critical thinking skills keep the workflow moving at a fast pace which results in less wait times for our patients!

Denise M. – Pharmacy Assistant: Denise graduated from the St. Clair College Pharmacy Assistant program and has been working in the pharmacy field for 22 years, making her one of our most knowledgeable staff members. During this time, she has worked for different chains and independent pharmacies (including Zellers before its closure), which has given her priceless on-the-job experience – this has benefited our pharmacy greatly, and we are so proud to have her on the team. Her amazing customer service skills have patients always leaving with a smile! She is also heavily involved in the community via Sarnia minor sports teams. Denise wears many hats in this area such as coach, director and registrar for multiple lacrosse and hockey teams. Her interpersonal skills and active community life brings joy to our patients and the pharmacy as a whole!

Rebecca - Pharmacy Assistant:  Rebecca has been a great addition to our team with several years of experience and excellent customer service skills.  People enjoy interacting with her, her kindness is welcoming to all her cross her path.

Pam Leatherdale-Smith – Pharmacist in charge: Pam is immunization certified, anticoagulation certified and has a great sense of customer service since she was previously the owner of her own pharmacy in Windsor, Ontario. Through this experience, Pam knows the importance of customer satisfaction and thus, our patients are always happy to interact with her!  Read more about Pam here -> Pam Leatherdale-Smith

Vesna Popovski – pharmacist: Vesna is immunization certified and also has a pharmacist license in Michigan, USA. Vesna has worked in both Sarnia and Petrolia for years and knows the community and people very well. Patients find it a delight to interact with her and Vesna has a thirst for knowledge as she is always looking into new certifications for herself to better her practice.

Rebecca W. – Driver: Rebecca came on board to be our delivery driver, but she is much more than that. With a job history that includes aiding the elderly, Rebecca often helps our patients if she finds them in need when delivering their prescriptions. Her kind and caring nature with our elderly patients have caregivers feeling secure, always knowing their loved ones are taken care of in and out of the pharmacy. Rebecca delivers prescription medications as well as over the counter products to help patients get on the road to recovery!

Robin A. – Weight-loss specialist for the Healthwise Diet Program: Robin is our lead expert and coach for our successful Healthwise Diet Program. Robin’s work has led to patients shedding hundreds of pounds – her biggest success story has lost 60 pounds so far!!! If you are looking for someone to help you on your weight-loss journey and motivate you to a better and healthier version of yourself, come see Robin at Centrepoint Pharmacy or call her direct line at 226-349-2000. Or visit the Healthwise Facebook page at